Meet Spirit's and Tyler's Memorial puppies!

Terry and I love Old English Sheepdogs and enjoy raising them with all of the trials and tribulations you go through with kids. We are fortunate to live on a large parcel of property in Thurston County so the dogs really get to run and exercise properly. It is a daily chore that we both enjoy and it keeps us young as there is no time to get old. Hopefully you will enjoy our site and leave knowing more than when you came or be able to keep up with the latest arrival of the new puppies.

Our first involvement in the Old English Sheepdog was in 1989 when my husband, Terry, and I became involved in a rescue of a neglected Old English Sheepdog. Terry previously owned a Sheepdog and suggested I get acquainted with the breed.  When we went to meet the rescue, Cheer, for the first time she had been stripped right down to the skin. She had been so badly matted that when they clipped her all of her hair came off in one pelt.  She burst into the room, looking a little like a Greyhound, and ran immediately to Terry where she received lots of pets. Then it was my turn.  She came over to me put her front legs up in my chair and wrapped her front legs around me and hung on as if for dear life. Naturally I was sold.  We took her home with us that day. 

 We had Cheer for 5 years. Since she had been kept in a small kennel most of her life she didn’t know how to play. She soon got accustomed to having the run of the fenced 2 acres we lived on.   She was a loyal loving companion and was content as long as she could be with us. Cheer had a stroke and died in the Vet’s office. We brought her home from the Vets and buried her in our back yard, planting a Dogwood tree over her. We were heartbroken and by that time we were convinced that the Old English Sheepdog was the breed for us.

We got on a waiting list with Merrimac Old English Sheepdogs (OES) and after a 15 month wait we obtained a male OES as a pet and 2 months later received a companion female Merrimac’s Rosemary Murphy. The stipulation was that she would be bred.  She was bred 3 times over a period of 3 years and from her first litter we received a male (Intl. CH Merrimac’s Living Out Loud) (Louder). From her second litter we received a female, Merrimac’s Strictly Ballroom, (Cha Cha).  We showed these two for 3 years and had 1 litter out of Cha Cha who was bred to a dog from Am/Can Ch Snowdowne Smooth Talk'N at Bugaboo ROM. We then went on to purchase a male (Snowdowne Flying in the Clouds, (Pilot), and 1 year later we purchased a 6 month old  bitch  Snowdowne Sweet Charity. Snowdowne has been our mentor ever since. Pilot became an AKC Champion 10 days after his first birthday in Portland OR. Sweet Charity will get her AKC Championship next year and has been bred to Pilot. We’re expecting puppies toward the end of May. This is the short history of WoolyRich Bobtails. Please enjoy the pictures of our first love and the upcoming litter!

Greetings and welcome to our site dedicated to the Old English Sheepdogs (OES) of the world and their owners. We are located in Washington State in the beautiful Northwest next to Mt. Rainier. We have had Old English Sheepdogs for 20 years and have been showing for about 10 years. We are members of the Old English Sheep Dog Club of Greater Seattle where Jan is one of the Directors and we also belong to the OES Club of America. Here you will find up coming events from our Sheepdog club, pictures of our OES, and helpful hints for owning and caring for Sheepdogs. 

Also please check back for information on the arrival of new puppies and when they will be available to new homes. We are a small breeder and have a limited amount of puppies a year. Our puppies are bred for their conformation, soundness, health and temperament. We love what we do and take great pride in finding perfect homes for our babies. 

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